If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed… or captured 


This is a quote taken from one of my favourite artists of all time. And if you know about who we are talking about, then you'll definitely know a great deal about me and my personality. This is of course because i usually tend not to talk about myself, but i also believe it is important to do so if we will be working together.

Digital Sposi and Digital Studio Lucca by Medhanie Zeleke, a young and talented Ethiopian photographer and video maker living in Lucca, Tuscany, have become a symbol of excellence and creativity in the world of wedding photography and video making. Inspired in his adolescence by the legendary Stanley Kubrick, he learns to edit video footage by watching tutorials on YouTube. When he discovers his talent and encouraged by family and friends, he decides to invest in his future as a professional photographer and video maker and attends renowned director of photography and photography courses in Florence. He has experience as a collaborator for some famous Lucchesia photographers before opening his own Digital Sposi by Medhanie Zeleke and Digital Studio Lucca for the overseas market. 


Basically he is interested in anything that is visually capturable, which is almost everything. Medhanie Zeleke usually works alone and tends to choose his projects with great care before dedicating everything on them, but he also loves the challenge of working with a team of photographers or videographers. 

Utilizing tools from the latest generation and a set of highly professional skills, he produces photographs and audio-visuals of the highest quality.  Some of his services include: photography services in value, digital photo albums, dramatic slide shows with musical accompaniment, video footage mounted on various media outlets (DVD, Blu-ray), video trailers, and more. Providing these and other services particularly tailored towards weddings, but also for clients and companies interested in advertising their products through excellent audio and video tools.



I love what I do, and this make my job special. My work philosophy is simply summarized in the words you write.


Awesome stories of Awesome souls


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About us



It is my passion as an artist and storyteller to create imagery that is emotive,
vibrant and ultimately beautiful. 

I am deeply inspired by the magic and wonder of this world and it's people,
finding beauty in the small moments, joy and celebration that unfolds
to make our most cherished memories. 
Please explore my work and send me a note with any questions.



Booking info

Now booking for 2019/2020, our prices are subject to 4% tax. Standard Wedding coverage includes:

  • In-person meet to get to know each other and discuss details about your wedding.

  • 8 consecutive hours of photography coverage

  • A password protected online gallery of your photos to share with friends and family

  • A personalized Dvd and usb drive with high resolution photos for you to print and share

  • Add-ons such as additional hours, fine art prints, albums, engagement sessions and trash the dress sessions are available. For more details, please contact me by filling out the contact form or send an email via info@digitalstudiolucca.com

matted prints & albums

matted prints & albums


Matted Prints are an original and elegant design solution for your photographs. They are the perfect choice to print your favorite images in an unconventional way and enhance your photos of communions, wedding, confirmations and christenings as well as portrait sessions, fashion shoots, still life, reportage, sport and art photography.

Ideal to complement an Album or Professional Coffee Table Book, the Matted Prints have been created to perfectly complete your Wedding Album concept: that’s why they can be customized with a lot of different options you can choose from.
You can choose from three types of professional photographic paper: matte paper, to get a soft and natural texture and an anti-reflective coating; metal paper with glossy lamination for a glossy and vibrant effect, with pure and saturated colors; metal paper with matte lamination that softens the brightness of metal paper for an elegant and refined result. 

As far as the colors of the mats are concerned, you can choose between black and white.

As an alternative to the standard box you may ask for the exclusive Deluxe Box, made of soft-touch material and available in black or white.  The box is refined with a colored-satin ribbon to lift up the prints. You decide whether to add Album Epoca refined graphics and the print of your name in the same color of the ribbon.


Our professional Wedding Albums are defined by a modern and contemporary style. They come in a very wide range of colors, materials and formats. The Professional Photographic Albums  can be customized to become unique and suit every taste. For instance, it is possible to request gilding on the page edges, a decoration in gold, silver or steel that aims to enhance and protect the beauty of the wedding album. The album cover can also be customized with the application of metal initials or Swarovski Elements, with debossing or engraving on metal plaques. Finally you may add other accessories (albums and photo books) specifically conceived for parents, best men, bridesmaids and friends to match the style and design of the main wedding album:  the wedding concept.

A couple more informations please
Date of Event
Location/Venue and city


What kind of camera do you use?
I shoot with a Nikon D800 and D4, and I use primarily prime lenses.

How many final images will we receive? Do we choose which final images we get?
When you hire your wedding photographer, you are entrusting him/her to tell the story of your day. And so usually the final images are chosen by the photographer. That being said we provide an online gallery where all the picture are uploaded and our clients can choose their favourite pictures. For a wedding day of 8 to 10 hours, on average our clients will receive between 450 – 700 final images. That said, these numbers are an approximation only. We believe in quality over quantity and we will provide you with as many photos as it takes to tell your story.

Are the images we receive edited? And what kind of post processing do you do?
Certainly, all the images you receive will be edited. You will receive ready-to-print, high-resolution JPEG files. The post processing we do includes but is not limited to exposure, white balance, colour, contrast, and saturation.

What about black and white photos? Will we get any?
Yes there will be various black & white photos from your wedding day and. For any black and white photo you receive, you will receive the colour version as well.

Will the final images we receive have watermarks?
No the final images won’t have any watermarks on them. We know some photographers may opt to do that, but it’s not something we do.

When will we get our photos?
Within 4 – 6 weeks after your wedding. Or 2 – 3 weeks for an engagement session.

Do you have back up gear?
Yes we do. We have a back up camera body, various lenses and lots of memory cards.

Do we have to have a second photographer at the wedding?
No you don’t have to! We offer solo coverage for smaller, more intimate weddings. However, a second photographer is essential for a complete narrative of your day if you have a wedding with more guests. One would photograph the groom’s prep while the other would photograph the bride’s prep (sometimes we photograph them together, in which case they’d provide a different perspective still). They would cover different angles during portrait time, candids, and guests’ reactions during the ceremony and reception. And generally catching things that one may miss.

What is the best way to inquire?
The best way to get in touch is by filling out the contact form or sending us an email. We respond within 24 hours, but if you don’t hear back from us, check your junk mail folder!

Do you work internationally?
Yes we do! We love to travel and are a big fan of destination weddings. I have travelled to the United States in Los Angeles and the Dominican Republic. Send us an email for more inquiry

Do we have to do engagement photos?
I would highly reccommend it. Though an engagement session is a great way for the couple to get comfortable with us and great for us to get to know each other. They are also especially helpful for the camera shy.

How do we book?
Send us an email at info[at]digitalstudiolucca.com or fill out the contact form and we’ll go from there. To secure a date, we require a signed agreement and a deposit. We can’t hold any dates without those two things.

Do you charge for travel?
Our photography coverage includes travel for up to a 100km radius from where we're based. There is a small charge for additional km’s. For out of province and destination weddings, send us an email and we can respond accordingly!

Can I purchase a session as a gift?
Most definitely. Email us and we can work out the details.

If you have requests I’ll be happy to reply or chat